An exceptional educational experience for all

An exceptional educational experience for all

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Learning at BVGA


‘Building the skills students will need as they prepare for future study or work, whilst providing an opportunity to record and credit the wider enrichment activities that form a central part of the post-16 experience.’

Certificate of Personal Effectiveness Level 3 Intent



We aim to enable students to practise, develop and demonstrate the key skills that are required for success in higher education, training or employment. Through the development of Team work, problem solving, discussion, research, oral presentation and self-management students will become confident learners who are equipped for the next stages of their life journey.

Students will develop and demonstrate a range of personal, key and employability skills, broaden their experience and manage their learning in a variety of real life contexts. Therefore candidates will gain understanding, develop responsibility and learn from rich activities rather than simply experience them. Thus students will be prepared and ready to progress into Higher Education, employment or vocational training and apprenticeships.

Confident Learners

Confident Communicators

Confident Future Citizens

To create confident learners, the COPE curriculum is:

  • Skills based with a focus on practical application.
  • Students will take responsibility for planning, organising and carrying out a number of activities or challenges leading to the production of a portfolio of evidence.
  • Students will complete a learning log to help them record and reflect on their learning journey and so review progress at each stage.

To create confident communicators, the COPE curriculum:

  • Requires students to discuss, negotiate, agree and plan.
  • Work independently and as part of a Team
  • Requires students to use several forms of communication to articulate their work and achievements.

To create confident future citizens, the COPE curriculum:

  • Explores complex and emotive subjects and builds on real life experiences and challenges.
  • Introduces students to real world issues.
  • Encourages students to research, read and question the world around them.

The COPE curriculum provides opportunities for all to:

  • Build resilience, learn from mistakes and plan the next steps to success.
  • Recognise what is needed to achieve their goals and plan how to reach them.

The COPE curriculum provides opportunities for all to:

  • Carry out research
  • Present to their fellow students on a topic chosen by them as one of their challenges.
  • Plan and work with others.

The COPE curriculum provides opportunities for all to:

  • Develop their own opinions whilst learning to respect alternative perspectives.
  • Develop understanding and empathy
  • Consider other societies and cultures.

The Key Concepts running through COPE

Active Citizenship/Work Related Learning/Career Planning/Global Awareness/Problem Solving/Research and Communication/Team Work