An exceptional educational experience for all

An exceptional educational experience for all

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Healthy Eating Policy Statement                                                   


  1. To encourage a healthy lifestyle through the association of healthy food and the promotion of health-enhancing habits.
  2. To promote a positive outlook on life and an awareness of the consequences of healthy and unhealthy choices.
  3. To ensure that pupils have the opportunity to choose healthy meals and snacks in school.


  1. Healthy lifestyles will be promoted both in individual subject areas (particularly by Form Tutors and Health & Social Care staff) and in a cross-curricular way through the Personal and Social Education programme.
  2. The school will ensure via Contract Holders that all food handlers are trained in appropriate hygiene and work practices.​
  3. The school in partnership with Contract Holders will provide and continuously promote healthy eating food choices, ensuring that a choice of healthy options is always available on the daily menu.
  4. The school and the contract holders will adhere to recent legislation.
  5. The quality of food and its presentation is of paramount importance in menu planning and delivery.
  • All meat provided by an authorised licensed halal suppliers.
  • 5 Star kitchen as awarded by Environmental Health.
  • Certified Vegetarian options available daily.
  • We abide by legislation as set out by the Government School Food Trust.
  • Special Dietary requirements are accommodated.