An exceptional educational experience for all

An exceptional educational experience for all

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CPD and Leadership Development

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“The single most important in-school factor that can make a difference to children’s learning is the quality of teaching” 

Prof Samantha Twiselton OBE 

At Belle Vue Girls’ Academy we put teachers and their professional development first. Without great teaching there is no great learning. 

  • We believe our students deserve the best – they are entitled to great teaching  
  • Great teaching is always our top priority – we take every measure to free teachers up to teach  
  • We value our teachers as highly knowledgeable and highly skilled specialists in their subjects – the ‘expert in the room’  
  • We believe an evidence-informed approach to teaching and learning helps us understand best what works 
  • We expect all teachers to keep improving their teaching – appraisal, our CPD programme and collaborative practice in a culture of trust support this. 

With truly great teaching we can fulfil our mission to provide a truly exceptional educational experience for all, enabling all our learners to become academically, socially, culturally and emotionally fulfilled young people, ready to take their place in the world. Confident learners, confident communicators and confident future citizens

Leadership Development at BVGA

“Second to the quality of teaching itself, the single thing that makes the biggest difference to outcomes for pupils is leadership”

Andy Buck 

“Leadership is a choice, not a position”

Stephen Covey 

At Belle Vue Girls Academy we develop leaders at all levels. With great leaders we know we can achieve great things.  

  • Leadership is second only to classroom teaching as an influence on student learning 
  • Great leadership generates alignment and shapes the culture and ethos of our school 
  • Great leadership is distributed with leaders at all levels aware of their role, responsibilities and accountability  
  • Great leaders are never complacent. They have a restless desire to keep improving. They drive us forwards 
  • Great leadership is collaborative, inspirational and empowering. It creates an innovative culture 
  • Great leaders have great integrity. They live our values every day. 

Please follow the link to the BDAT People website to find out more about professional development opportunities offered by the Trust. 

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