An exceptional educational experience for all

An exceptional educational experience for all

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Personal Development

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Personal Development at Belle Vue Girls’ Academy plays a central role in support of the academy’s mission to provide a truly exceptional educational experience for all, enabling each of our learners to become academically, socially, culturally and emotionally fulfilled young people ready to take their place in the world. We seek to achieve this through the mechanisms of student voice, student leadership, character education, assemblies, SMSC education, enrichment and the Personal Development curriculum. 


Aims of the Personal Development Curriculum

The Personal Development curriculum enables our students to gain important knowledge, understanding and skills to prepare them for success both within, and outside, the academy. Across the key stages, thematic approaches are delivered which support the development of healthy, informed and open-minded citizens prepared for the next stage of their lives.

The Personal Development curriculum is planned and sequenced in an age-appropriate manner according to the following six key themes:

  • Wellbeing and Health
  • Relationships and Communities
  • Character and Aspiration
  • Human Rights and the Environment
  • Power and Politics
  • Careers and Finance

Through the development of these themes, the Personal Development curriculum breaks down barriers and promotes social equality in order to develop our students as global citizens equipped to make a difference within their communities. The thematic approach enables our students to use their knowledge to challenge inequalities they and others face, including sexual discrimination, racism, ableism, homophobia and other forms of prejudice.  The Personal Development curriculum is inclusive and celebrates diversity.

Across Personal Development, we seek to ensure that the wellbeing, personal safety and mental health of our students is prioritized, in order that they can both flourish individually and experience fulfilling relationships with others. The Personal Development curriculum also prepares students for future careers and develops financial awareness so they are equipped for the world of work and can manage money effectively.

The Personal Development Curriculum is delivered in tutor time and is led by a skilled and knowledgeable form tutor. Tutors are trained in the delivery of the Personal Development Curriculum as part of the academy’s Continuous Professional Development programme.

There are three Personal Development sessions during the week, including a Votes for Schools session which is discussion-based and focuses upon topical issues. Students also receive regular assemblies which cover the Personal Development themes. Enrichment activities and the involvement of specialist external agencies support the delivery of the Personal Development Curriculum.

There is a specific focus on Oracy development in the delivery of the Personal Development curriculum, with students being encouraged to debate issues and verbalise response to posed questions whenever appropriate.

The Subject Lead for Personal Development works under the guidance of the Assistant Headteacher (Personal Development) to plan, resource and evaluate the PD programme. Lead Teachers contribute to the planning and evaluation of the programme. They also contribute, along with the Heads of Year, to the quality assurance of the programme.