An exceptional educational experience for all

An exceptional educational experience for all

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About Belle Vue Girls' Academy

Pastoral Team

Heads of Year

Mr L. Hirst

Head of Year 7

Mrs A Evans

Head of Year 8

Miss B Hutchinson

Head of Year 9

Mrs T Balderson

Head of Year 10

Mrs V Clarke

Head of Year 11

Mr J Singleton

Head of Year 12

Miss K Paine

Head of Year 13

Pastoral Managers

Mrs S Rehman

Lead Pastoral Manager

Mrs J Palmer

Year 7

Mrs I Aziz

Year 8

Mrs A Rafferty

Year 9

Miss A Brack

Year 10 

Mrs S Bashir

Year 11

Miss F Bibi

Sixth Form

Pastoral Support Services

Mrs L Sheasby

Student Services Manager

Mrs J Holmes

Attendance Officer

Mrs J Parkes

Wellbeing Manager

Mrs B Uttley

School Nurse

PC R McCabe

Safer Schools Police Officer