An exceptional educational experience for all

An exceptional educational experience for all

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About Belle Vue Girls' Academy

Mariyah Kayat


Mariyah Kayat
Associate Alumn

Year I left BVGA 2019
 Current Role

Assistant Producer

Achievements and accomplishments

Above the Noise: Exhibition at the National Science and Media Museum and film documenting Pakistani and Indian changing heritage. I was involved with a photoshoot that highlighted parts of my culture through jewellery while still representing me.

Speakers Corner

Through Speakers, I have had the opportunity to create campaigns. Each campaign has a different focus from mental health, bridging gaps between generations and international activism that focuses on issues in Kashmir, Palestine and China.

Women Of the World Festival

Part of a team of young women campaigning to bridge the gap between young people and parents to explore topics such as mental health, relationships, future careers and aspirations. I have presented on panels and delivered workshops. This was an amazing opportunity to speak and reach a range of audiences and build connections.


I have co-produced a photoshoot for the campaign Peaceophobia. I worked on the project from February creating contracts, location scouting, and recruiting models. The shoot was to highlight what it is to be a young woman in Bradford, as well as being a young Muslim from Bradford. We wanted to tell our own story and take control of the narrative. The photoshoot helped to tell this story in a highly elevated and fashionable way.

My advice to BVGA students

Do what makes you happy: life is too short! If that means doing something different to everyone around you, do it. You never know where you might end up or what you will achieve. Take it from someone who changed her mind last minute, and decided to do something different, I have never looked back. There is so much to experience so do not limit yourself, and believe in yourself because you are capable of so much.