An exceptional educational experience for all

An exceptional educational experience for all

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About Belle Vue Girls' Academy

Our Vision


At Belle Vue Girls’ Academy our vision is to provide a truly exceptional educational experience for all, enabling each of our learners to become academically, socially, culturally and emotionally fulfilled young people, ready to take their place in the world. 

We are committed to breaking down barriers to learning, and tackling all forms of disadvantage; we believe in the power of education to promote social equality and dramatically improve life chances. We want our learners to believe in themselves and aspire to great things, equipped with the confidence to become independent, inquisitive, innovative and open-minded young people. We support our students to develop as life-long learners and become active and principled citizens who are committed to contributing to the communities in which they live and to the wider world. We take our commitment to our learners seriously and strive to provide an educational experience which enables all to thrive and achieve. 

Strategic Priority 1
Leaders at all levels who are motivated by the desire to provide a truly exceptional quality of education for all our learners.
Strategic Priority 2
A curriculum which builds cultural capital and provides a rich, challenging, cohesive and enjoyable learning experience for all. 
Strategic Priority 3
Empowering and inspirational teaching which is delivered by talented, passionate and knowledgeable subject specialists.
Strategic Priority 4
Nurturing, supportive and personalised pastoral care which is underpinned by a firm belief that all our learners are entitled to be happy, to learn and to achieve.
Strategic Priority 5
Strong partnerships with families, carers and the local community to ensure our support for students is cohesive and highly effective.