An exceptional educational experience for all

An exceptional educational experience for all

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Learning at BVGA

Creating Confident Future Citizens


To create confident future citizens, our curriculum: 

  • Provides a pathway to success for all. 
  • Creates character. 
  • Fosters ambition and aspiration.  
  • Builds cultural capital and global awareness.  
  • Prepares students for life in modern Britain. 

The curriculum provides opportunities for all to:  

  • Develop leadership skills. 
  • Have enriching and life changing experiences beyond the classroom.   
  • Be challenged and try new things.  
  • Learn about further education and work.  


Lead Teacher: Confident Future Citizens – Ms M Kauser

As Lead Teacher for developing Confident Future Citizens my role is to support our aim for all our students to become independent, happy people who are smart-working, respectful members of their communities. We do this by ensuring our curriculum has clear links to the world outside our classrooms so students leave us ready to take their place in the world. By having clear role models, we envisage providing our students with a glimpse into the hopeful and enriching future they will embark on when they leave us.

From doctors to engineers to directors, our Alumni is forged of fearless women who provide real life, relatable role models from our local community. We use this network to cultivate a culture of high aspirations and chasing one’s dreams. No apprenticeship, no degree, no form of employment is out of reach for a Belle Vue girl.

Our Alumni are a key part of our vision. Constructed as a result of my role as Bradford Research Champion, the Alumni network utilises the lived experiences of ex-students as we believe they are unique in their power to connect with, inspire and empower our students. Our students are given opportunities to hear the Alumni’s stories, understand their journeys, learn from them and be inspired by them. From success and achievements, to barriers and disadvantages, we share Alumni journeys so our students can appreciate that all these can be overcome through self-belief, hard work and dedication.

We are one of the only schools in Bradford to celebrate not only our current students, but to utilise the skillset, network and expertise of our Alumni to create confident future citizens. Through our Alumni we are establishing a long-standing tradition of celebrating what it means to be a Belle Vue student and the empowered woman she is on the journey to becoming.

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