An exceptional educational experience for all

An exceptional educational experience for all

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Learning at BVGA

Creating Confident Communicators

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To create confident communicators, our curriculum: 

  • Promotes and models effective communication. 
  • Encourages all students to have a voice, to share ideas and  to have opinions. 
  • Shows students how to listen carefully and sensitively.   

The curriculum provides opportunities for all to: 

  • Have a voice and be heard. 
  • Present, debate and discuss, formally and informally. 
  • Explore new ideas and different perspectives.  
  • Listen to, and appreciate, the views of others. 


Lead Teacher: Confident Communicators- Mrs A Lee

As Lead Teacher for developing Confident Communicators, my focus is developing students’ oracy skills across the whole curriculum. I work closely with all staff to ensure that we value the voice of every young person in our school. 

We do this through empowering and inspirational teaching that explicitly teaches and develops students’ oracy skills; creating frequent and purposeful opportunities for our students to share their ideas and opinions; teaching them how to question the world around them in a respectful manner; providing opportunities for students to speak in front of audiences and enabling them to access excellent external provision. 

Our aim at Belle Vue Girls’ Academy is to provide all students with the tools that they need to communicate with others. We truly believe that once young people can begin to express themselves, they can build their confidence and resilience for life in school and beyond.

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