An exceptional educational experience for all

An exceptional educational experience for all

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Learning at BVGA

Business and Law

“The key to success is to focus on goals, not obstacles”

Business Studies & Applied Law Intent

We are experts in the fields of Business and Law.  As a team we aim to grow successful learners who are independent and enjoy their learning.  We want our learners to thrive in an environment that supports outstanding progress and excellence.  We aim to create an ethos that allows learners of all abilities to experience success as a result of hard work and continued effort. We work collaboratively to provide our students with inspiring, relatable and thought provoking resources in a can do, enthusiastic and respectful manner. We strive to be at the forefront of innovation through using the most up to date, research driven pedagogical techniques to help our students make the most out of their studies.  We are highly aspirational and passionate about empowering each of our learners with life-long skills and knowledge to be able to thrive in our competitive world and to raise aspirations.  We work with our learners to develop a strength of character, resilience and growth mind-set that will help them to overcome the challenges they are likely to encounter in adult life. By providing a range of enrichment opportunities and real world experiences, we allow our pupils to succeed in the next stage of their education, training or employment. By developing an appreciation of the “real world”, we believe that our students wholeheartedly deserve a learning experience that does not narrow their life chances but enables social equity, mobility, builds cultural capital and a sense of being able to take on the world.

Confident Learners

Confident Communicators

Confident Future Citizens

To create confident learners, the Business Studies and Law curriculum is:

  • Challenging but achievable
  • Structured and carefully sequenced
  • Collaboratively planned, delivered and assessed
  • Resourced with high quality and inspiring learning materials
  • Diverse and inclusive
  • Endeavours to bring the real world and commercial awareness into the classroom

To create confident communicators, the Business studies and Law curriculum:

  • Promotes and models effective communication through discussion, questioning, presentations and debate
  • Offers opportunities to demonstrate and practice communication skills representative of the business and legal profession
  • Promotes the importance of listening as well as speaking
  • Facilitates an environment where all contributions are equally valued and misconceptions are accepted as a way of learning

To create confident future citizens, the Business Studies and Law curriculum:

  • Provides opportunities to engage in real life experiences and activities
  • Develops and appreciation of the real world
  • Builds cultural capital and global awareness
  • Equips learners with lifelong skills and knowledge to be able to thrive in our competitive world
  • Creates strength of character and resilience

The Business Studies and Law curriculum provides opportunities for all to:

  • Learn beyond the classroom, using real life news and case studies
  • Take ownership of learning and success
  • Be independent learners but also team players
  • Be analytical and evaluative

The Business Studies and Law curriculum provides opportunities for all to:

  • Have a confident yet considered voice
  • Present, debate, elaborate formally and informally
  • Able to form opinions, yet still foster a growth mind-set and listen to views of others


The Business Studies and Law curriculum provides opportunities for all to:

  • Develop leadership skills and feel a sense of empowerment
  • Have enriching and life changing experiences beyond the classroom
  • Embrace challenge and accept it as a way of personal growth
  • Learn about further education and work

The Key Concepts running through Business Studies and Law

We aim to develop an awareness of Business and Law in the real world.  We strive to make the most of the ever changing commercial and legal aspects of our qualifications by bringing examples of real life business and legal news into our lessons to support the acquisition and application of subject knowledge.