An exceptional educational experience for all

An exceptional educational experience for all

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Learning at BVGA


“Science is a way of life. Science is a perspective. Science is the process that takes us from confusion to understanding in a manner that's precise, predictive and reliable - a transformation, for those lucky enough to experience it, that is empowering and emotional.”

Brian Greene (Physicist)

Science Intent

Confident Learners

Confident Communicators

Confident Future Citizens

To create confident learners, the Science curriculum is:

  • Diverse and inclusive and developed by specialist teachers
  • Planned in collaboration to give students ownership of their learning journey 
  • Engaging and exciting
  • Designed to challenge students but also allow them to achieve
  • Celebrate success

To create confident communicators, the Science curriculum:

  • Model use of key scientific vocabulary
  • Encourage and positively reinforce the correct and fluent use of scientific vocabulary both orally and through written work
  •  Provides regular opportunities for students to become active and consciously aware listeners

To create confident future citizens, the Science  curriculum:

  • Promotes and builds awareness and cultural capital around the use of materials and protecting the environment for future generations
  • Gives real life examples with advantages and disadvantages
  • Awareness of global and local issues surrounding human impact on the environment
  • Promotes compassionate, empathetic and socially aware future citizens in relation to health

The Science curriculum provides opportunities for all to:

  • Undertake practical work to develop essential scientific skills
  • Practice math skills and become confident at solving problems
  • To explore scientific ideas and development
  • Research and present own scientific interests

The Science curriculum provides opportunities for all to:

  • Develop their ability to access exam questions through modelling and scaffolding
  • Engage in class and group discussions and work
  • Orally present ideas and classwork


The Science curriculum provides opportunities for all to:

  • Creates a safe space to learn about diverse situations, to voice opinions and build respect
  • Look at the relevance of science and its contribution to society “better living through science”
  • Evaluate given situations caused by the impact of human activity on the environment 

The Key Concepts running through Science  

  • Cells, organisation of organisms and life processes
  • Ecosystems and interactions
  • Genetics and variation
  • Particle model, elements, compounds and the periodic table.
  • Physical and Chemical reactions
  • Earth and its resources
  • Energy; types, transfers and calculation.
  •  Forces
  • Waves
  • Magnetism and electricity
  • Applications of science often have ethical, social, economic and political implications
  • Working scientifically through investigation, experimenting, observing and use of models

Curriculum Maps

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