An exceptional educational experience for all

An exceptional educational experience for all

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Students in all years are encouraged to read actively and widely, both for enjoyment and to support their learning.

Our subject curriculum plans include subject related reading material.

Accelerated_ReadingWhat is AR? 

Accelerated Reader is a reading programme designed to help students improve their reading skills. Students will complete a STAR reader test at the beginning of the year. This will give them their current reading age and book levels. They will then read a range of books that are suitable for their level and take a quiz on each book they read – The Hub is well-stocked with a wide variety of books, which means students are sure to find texts that they are interested in and find enjoyable.

By participating in the programme, students are able to show their teachers how well they understand what they have read so that teaching can be adapted to help support those who need additional help with reading. Students will do the STAR reader test on two more occasions, later in the year, to check the progress they have made.

Your daughter will be asked to read her Accelerated Reader book for her English homework.

Why do we use AR?

  • AR can help students to grow their reading age
  • It encourages students to read every day
  • It helps students to become more confident readers
  • It helps students to increase their vocabulary
  • It encourages students to read a range of fiction and non-fiction books which is good preparation for key stage 4
  • It prepares students for accessing challenging GCSE papers at key stage 4, in all subjects

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What your daughter should be doing
  • Bringing a reading book with her to school every day
  • Reading for a set number of minutes each day (given to her by her English teacher)
  • Taking a quiz within 24 hours of finishing the book she has read
  • Reading a range of fiction and non-fiction books

What you can do to help

  • Remind your daughter to bring her AR book to school
  • Ask your daughter about what she has been reading- questions about the plot, characters and settings will help her to think about what she had read
  • Encourage your daughter to read a range of fiction and non-fiction books

Occasionally, some students do not meet their reading targets. This may be because they have not read for their set number of minutes. If this occurs, they will be required to stay behind after school to catch up. We would be grateful of your support in these situations.